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The setup package copies all necessary files to your local disk.
It doesn't install the Windows driver for radio control board (RCB) and the hardware test driver.
The x86 driver binaries are built for Windows XP and Windows 2003.
The amd64 driver binaries are built for Windows 7/8 64bit edition.
If you want to install the drivers, please make sure the RCB is correctly plugged into your mainboard, and then follow the guidance below.

Sora Radio Control Board (RCB) device driver

After user plugs the RCB into PCI-e slot, Windows XP will automatically find the hardware, and Found New Hardware Wizard is popped up.

Select “no, not this time”, and click next.

Select Install from a list or specific location, and click next.

Select don’t search, and click next.

Click “Have Disk” button, and browse to %SDK_INSTALL_DIR%\bin\PCIE (by default, c:\soraSDK\bin\PCIE), and select PCIE.inf. and click next.

After success driver installation, you are expected to see Sora Radio Manager device.

We also provide a tool named HWTest (include virtual device driver and user mode application)
for user to operate radio resource, which is in %SDK_INSTALL_DIR%\bin\hwtest. Please follow
steps below to play with it.

Open add hardware Wizard from control panel:

Select Yes, I have already connected the hardware, click next.

Select Add a new hardware device, and click next.

Select Install the hardware that I manually select from a list, and click next.

Select show all devices, and click next.

Click Have Disk button, and browse to %SDK_INSTALL_DIR%\bin\hwtest, and choose hwtest.inf.
After it is installed, you can find a new device “Microsoft Sora HW Test Ethernet Adapter” in
device manager, just like this:

At last, you can use dut.exe in %SDK_INSTALL_DIR%\bin to operate radio, for example, transmit,
receive, central frequency set and so on. For more help, type dut.exe without any options or
reference the DUT document.

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